Roof Repair in Houston

Texas Roofing & Leak Repair provides top-quality roof inspections and roof repairs. With years of experience, we’ve built a strong reputation for our quality workmanship, our affordable prices, and our commitment to our customers. We’re Houston’s premier choice for roof repairs.

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Comprehensive Roof Inspections—Get What You Need

Our roof inspection process is efficient, comprehensive, and extensive. We’ve designed it to diagnose repair issues quickly and accurately. Using state-of-the-art inspection technology streamlines our inspection process, helping us detect problems and identify their precise location.

At the same time, we don’t rely on technology to do our job for us. Our team of roofers consists of licensed professionals—masters of their craft, who use their expertise to verify our initial findings. With their years of experience, they’re remarkably quick at getting to the bottom of nearly any roof-related problem.

The following is a list of some of the more common issues we repair:

  • Leaky Roofs
  • Cracked, Curling or Missing Shingles
  • Storm or Weather Damage
  • Dark Spots, Discoloration
  • Wet Areas
  • Moss Build-Up
  • Broken Gutters and Downspouts
  • …and more!

Trust the Roof Repair Experts

A leaky roof at your Houston home or business does not necessarily mean you are faced with complete roof restoration. Some roofing companies might try to strong-arm you into a complete renovation, but not us. If repairs are a more viable option than restoration or replacement, that is the route we will take. Unlike other roofing companies, business is so good that we don’t have to always work in pursuit of the almighty dollar. Texas Roofing & Leak Repair is always on your side, no matter what. Texas Roofing & Leak Repair roofing repair contractors provide honest and professional roof estimates for any type of roof problem, along with a range of roofing services including emergency roof repair.

Our expertise has saved our client's considerable sums of money. We’ve managed to salvage worn out roofs that many other companies would choose to replace. Since we repurpose what we can, we cut down on your costs, minimize our turnaround time, and keep our work within your budget.

Rest assured—with us; you know you’ve got a reliable contractor who has your best interests at heart.

Expert Roofers, Superior Customer Service

We take pride in our work, but we also take pride in our excellent customer service.

We use a customer-oriented approach to ensure that each of our clients is happy with the quality of our services. Our team is courteous, helpful, and respectful. We keep the line of communication open with you so that you can at any time, take advantage of our advice and guidance. We’ll be there to answer any of your questions and to help you make an informed decision for your property.

Our existing customers have enjoyed an outstanding service experience with us. We know you will too.

Emergency Roof Repair in Houston

You’ve probably noticed that a good emergency roofer is hard to come by. That’s because a lot of residential roofing companies in the Houston area only work on a standard nine-to-five schedule. On top of that, some of them only work during certain times of the year, and most of them don’t even work on weekends!

Texas Roofing & Leak Repair, on the other hand, is available 24/7. The need for roof repairs is often sudden, as the result of a fallen tree, a storm, or long-neglected problems. When your ceiling is finally leaking, or a storm has torn off your flashing, that’s when you need us most. If we only offered our services during regular work hours, the people of Houston would be in big trouble. When your roof is damaged, your entire home is at risk.

You never know when you’re going to need emergency roofers at your door. When a storm damages your roof, you’re not going to want to waste time googling ‘roof repair near me’. Stick our phone number on your fridge. We’ll come to aid your any time, day or night.

If your situation calls for an emergency repair, call us now at (832) 947-3783.

Metal Roof Leak Repair in Houston

At Texas Roofing & Leak Repair, we are big believers in the metal roof. Metal roofs are great for a variety of reasons. They’re often made from recycled materials, they’re fire-resistant, incredibly durable, and they’re nowhere near as expensive as you’d think! In a world of cheap products set to self-destruct after a few years, a metal roof is a godsend.

That said, metal roofs are not indestructible. Without proper care and maintenance, they can become damaged. You might wake up one morning even to notice you have a roof leak!

What can cause a metal roof to leak? How does a professional roofer go about patching a roof leak? We can answer these questions for you.

Improper installation might be the cause of your roof leak. Something as simple as an over-driven or odd-angled screw can be enough to let water into your home.

A metal roof still requires properly installed flashing as well. If flashing is not installed around the roof’s vulnerable areas (your skylight and chimney), no metal roof will protect you from moisture and leaks.

How can you ensure your metal roof doesn’t go to waste? By making sure your roof is properly installed by the best roofing contractors in the Houston area. Texas Roofing & Leak Repair will make sure you get the most out of your metal roof.

Cost-Effective Roof Repair

Identifying your roof problem and consulting with a Texas Roofing & Leak Repair roof specialist promptly protects your investment, safety and is more cost-effective in the long run.

We combine expertise and advanced inspection equipment to ensure your roof is built to last. Ultimately, our focus is on long-term solutions for your roofing needs.

We specialize in preventative maintenance, designed to keep your roof in proper condition for longer. When you choose us for your roof repairs, we’ll identify not only the most apparent issues but also any underlying problems that may be compromising your roof’s long-term integrity. With us as your roofer, you’ll need to worry less about roof problems, and in turn, enjoy spending more money.

Affordable Prices

In addition to saving you money with our preventative maintenance, we also save you money with our unbeatable prices! As a local business, we strive to keep our prices low so that everyone in the local area can benefit from our services. We use a lean business model to keep our costs low, maintain a slim margin, and minimize our overhead. That way, we can keep offering our services at the best rate possible.

Whatever your roof needs, consider us the company for the job. Our qualified roofing team has come across just about every roofing problem, and there hasn’t been one we were unable to solve yet! The following is a list of the most common roof problems:

Roof Problems

Worn Out Roofing Material – When the protective surface of asphalt shingles becomes worn and thin, granules can harden over time resulting bare spots on the roof of your Houston commercial or residential property. In addition, these loose granules will eventually accumulate in gutters causing addition pressure and increased threaten the integrity of the entire roof.

Broken Singles – Often caused by extreme weather conditions, broken or torn shingles make a roof susceptible to water infiltrations by providing easy entry points where they are torn particularly on low sloped roofs where water can tend to pool causing further damage. Shingles at the peak of a roof are also easily torn off due to high winds. Because of the risk of heavy storms and damaging winds we get here in Houston, a single loose shingle can displace an entire roof—if you let it.

Curling Shingles – Strong winds can cause shingles to curl upwards and may eventually succeed in tearing them right off a roof entirely. In addition to water damage, the roof on a your commercial or residential property in Houston can then become particularly vulnerable to moisture related problems that may develop into health hazards from the development of mold and mildew.

Buckling Roofing material – Once of the first visible signs of deterioration on a roof is material that has begun to buckle and when shingles no longer appears smooth. Water and excessive moisture will eventually cause warping in the roof deck that can be traced to poor ventilation and defective wood material in the attic. If you don’t deal with this quickly, your roof will continue to buckle, causing further damage to the upper structure of your house, and eventually leading to your roof collapsing in on itself—and your Houston home.

Damaged Flashing - Cracked and frayed shingles and poorly applied and dried out caulking near flashings, vents, chimneys and vertical wall joints eventually lead to costly roof problems if not repaired promptly. Consult a licensed roof inspector at Texas Roofing & Leak Repair for cost effective roof repair that saves you money in the long run and includes qualified roof restoration and a range of roof services that include:

  • Re-roofing
  • Roofing inspections
  • Roof deck replacement and repair
  • Roof ventilation inspection and installation
  • Preventive maintenance
  • Emergency roof repair

What’s the Average Cost of a Roof Repair in Houston?

As with all other things in life, being prepared can save you here. Roof repair that’s done preemptively—before the leaking roof or other roofing issue becomes a big problem—usually costs much less than emergency roof repair, and significantly less than emergency roof replacement. Considering that regular roof repair and maintenance deters the need for shelling out for a whole roof replacement by as much as a decade, it plain makes sense to keep repairing your Houston roof—to prevent the need to replace it later.

Because the construction industry in Houston never seems to slow down, rates are slightly higher here than they are in other parts of the country. It just makes sense: there’s more demand for roofers near me, so the ones that are here get the opportunity to charge higher prices.

So, that said, what’s the average cost of a roof repair in Houston when compared to the national average? Well, the typical homeowner will spend between $100 to $1,200 fixing their roof, depending on the severity of the damage and the extent of the repairs that need doing. Houstonites will probably spend between $200 and $1,600. You can expect your estimate to fall in the middle of that range somewhere, unless your roof is badly worn and you have many shingles that need replacing.

Of course, every building’s roof is different. If you’re wondering how much it’ll cost to repair the roof of your Houston home or business, why not give Texas Roofing & Leak Repair a call and ask for a free, no-obligation estimate?

How to Find a Reliable Roofing Contractor for Roof Repair in Houston

Whether you have a leaky roof or require complete roof restoration, ensure that the roofing contractor you are working with is a professional roof installer and industry certified. Texas Roofing & Leak Repair recommends going through the following checklist when searching for expert roof repair services. A qualified roofing contractor should offer:

  • Free quotes and detailed work estimates.
  • Customer testimonials and references.
  • Proof that they are licensed and insured as a reputable roofing contractor in Houston.
  • Labor and product warranties.
  • Extensive roof repair experience.
  • Administrative offices at an accessible location.

Of All the Roofers Near Me, Why Should I Choose Texas Roofing & Leak Repair?

Texas Roofing & Leak Repair has made our name and reputation providing affordable and high-quality roofing repair to our Houston customers. We started our business due to seeing an opportunity to provide better customer satisfaction than we felt was usual in the Houston area. Now, with nearly five years in business under our belt, we’re continuing the work we started, building and repairing roofs that work for the community.

If you’re wondering what makes us different from the rest, give us a call. You’ll be greeted by a friendly voice on the other line. We believe that serving our customers and putting their needs above ours can be a successful business model in today’s day and age. That’s why we always take the time to go the extra mile to be sure you’re happy with a job well done.

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