Types Of Roofs

Types of Roofs

There are four main types of roofs that Texas Roofing and Leak Repair specialize in: shingle, slate, tile, and metal.

Shingle roofs are the most common type of roof in the United States. They are relatively inexpensive and easy to install, making them a popular choice for homeowners and businesses. Shingle roofs are available in various materials, including asphalt, wood, and composite shingles.

Slate roofs are a more expensive option, but they offer several benefits. Slate is a durable material that can last for centuries with proper care. Slate roofs also have a very classic look that can add value to your home.

Tile roofs are another popular choice, particularly in warmer climates. Tile is very durable and weather-resistant, making it an ideal material for areas that experience high temperatures and harsh sunlight. Tile roofs come in various colors and styles, so you can find an option that complements your home’s aesthetic.

Metal roofs are gaining popularity due to their durability and energy efficiency. Metal roofs reflect sunlight, which helps keep your home cooler in the summer months. They are also available in various colors and styles to suit any taste.

Texas Roofing and Leak Repair has you covered no matter what type of roof you need. We have extensive experience with all types of roofing materials and can help you choose the best option for your home or business. Contact us today for a free consultation!

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Flat roofs In Houston and Katy

Consult a reliable flat roof specialist at Texas Roofing & Leak Repair to help you decide upon the most suitable flat roofing material for your home or business. Whether you require complete roof restoration or basic roof repair and maintenance, our certified flat roof construction experts will evaluate your existing roof and provide knowledgeable recommendations and customized flat roofing applications that offer energy efficiency and an extended roof life expectancy available in a arrange of flat roofing types.

A Range Of Flat Roof Options

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Built Up Roofing

Advanced asphalt based roof tar applications are completed with an extra top layer of gravel that minimizes heat and maximizes durability. Texas Roofing & Leak Repair provides certified and cost effective repair and maintenance for built up roof systems by adding extra heavy duty layers when required.

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Modified Bitumen

Ideal for residential and smaller commercial properties, modified bitumen is easily installed and handled by Texas Roofing & Leak Repair roofing experts who seal seams with the heat application of heavy duty adhesives and durable protective coating finishes.

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Affordable and lightweight, this single ply roofing option is composed of highly durable plastic also used for pipes and plumbing. Ideal for large commercial flat roof installations, Texas Roofing & Leak Repair roofers heat weld PVC sheets that result in waterproof seams and superior durability.

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Lightweight and affordable, TPO thermoplastic flat roofing material is a one of the newer roofing technologies that is versatile enough to be adapted to roofing projects. Installed with heavy duty adhesives or mechanically fastened, TPO flat roof applications requires a clean and uniform substrate and professional installation to ensure proper performance.

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Spray Polyurethane Foam

A combination of roofing material, insulation and flashing components, Texas Roofing & Leak Repair SPF flat roofing installations are carried out with high density spray foam that seals leaks and gaps to form a waterproof barrier that also heavily insulates reducing heating and cooling costs. A cost effective option that eliminates the need to tear down the existing roof, consult with our qualified roofers to find out whether an SPF flat roof application would be suitable to your current roof system.

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Why Choose a Flat Roof?

Though most commonly used for commercial applications, our skilled roofing technicians can adapt flat roof applications to just about any structure. As a reputable licensed and insured flat roofing contractor, Texas Roofing & Leak Repair has extensive experience and uses only premium quality roofing materials from recognized brand name manufacturers. Our helpful and qualified staff is not merely concerned with making a sale, but providing residential and commercial clients with flat roof installations that offer a range of practical benefits that include long-lasting performance and durability, as well as energy efficiency and esthetic appeal. Contact us to learn more about how various flat roofing options that can be customized to suit your budget and to schedule a free flat roof estimate today.

Modified Bitumen Roofing in Houston and Katy

What is Modified Bitumen Roofing?
A hybrid roofing system that is derived from built up roofing techniques combined with advanced roofing technology, modified bitumen roofing material is made up of high quality polymers reinforced with one or more layers of heavy duty polyester or glass fibers that offers superior strength and long lasting performance.
Modified Bitumen Installation Options
As the name suggests, special modifiers are combined with standard roofing asphalt during a controlled refinement process where bitumen is then reinforced with fiberglass or polyester fiber to form sheets that provide superior strength and durability. Certified Texas Roofing & Leak Repair roofing experts offer two types of modified bitumen roofing materials:
SBS (Styrene Butadiene Styrene)
Installed with hot mopping of a cold adhesive onto asphalt, this type of modified bitumen roofing can be further reinforced with an adhesive backing that provides a rubber type finish.
APP Atactic Polypropylene

Classified as a torch on roofing technique, APP modified bitumen is comprised of a thermoplastic polymer that is installed with heat applied applications (torch on or heat welded) that result in a smooth plasticized finish.

Available in rolls or sheets, modified bitumen roofing material is specifically manufactured to provide uniform thickness and state of the art components that are spread evenly throughout the material and carefully layered over the roof membrane. As esthetically appealing as they are practical, Texas Roofing & Leak Repair offers modified bitumen roofing systems in several granular color surfaces that offer excellent UV protection.

Our licensed and experienced roofing technicians combine one or more layers with additional built up roofing materials and techniques that result in flawlessly customized installations tailored specifically to the structural requirements of your commercial property.

What Are The Benefits Of Modified Bitumen Roofing?

Recommended for commercial buildings of any size or dimension, Texas Roofing & Leak Repair provide licensed roof inspections and certified modified bitumen membrane roofing installation that are industry endorsed due to the following benefits:

Long-Lasting Performance
Modified Bitumen systems have been known to last up to 20 years or more with minimal maintenance.

Exceptional Strength and Durability
Modified polymers stand up well to extreme temperatures hot or cold.

Heavy Duty adhesive incorporated into modified bitumen installations prevent water infiltration.

Energy Efficiency
An extra insulation layer locks in heat.
In addition, the superior strength of both types of modified bitumen roofing material make then highly impact resistant and long lasting. Typically installed and ideal for low sloping roofing systems, Texas Roofing & Leak Repair installations ensure that water pooling is limited to minimize any form of water damage. Easy to install, a modified membrane roofing system is best carried out by a professional and certified roofer experienced with built up roofing techniques.

Long-Lasting Performance
Modified Bitumen systems have been known to last up to 20 years or more with minimal maintenance.
Exceptional Strength and Durability
Modified polymers stand up well to extreme temperatures hot or cold.
Heavy Duty adhesive incorporated into modified bitumen installations prevent water infiltration.
Energy Efficiency
An extra insulation layer locks in heat. In addition, the superior strength of both types of modified bitumen roofing material make then highly impact resistant and long lasting. Typically installed and ideal for low sloping roofing systems, Texas Roofing & Leak Repair installations ensure that water pooling is limited to minimize any form of water damage. Easy to install, a modified membrane roofing system is best carried out by a professional and certified roofer experienced with built up roofing techniques.
Modified Bitumen Roofing Ideal For New Builds, Roof Restoration or Re-Roofing Projects
An ideal roofing option for roof repairs for existing built-up roofing membranes, Texas Roofing & Leak Repair also recommends modified bitumen roofing for new commercial constructions where long lasting and exceptionally weather resistant performance is required.

Contact Texas Roofing & Leak Repair to find out whether modified bituminous membrane roofing is suitable for your commercial property and for answers to any questions you may have.

Shingle Roofs In Houston and Katy

If you require shingle roof installation and repair consult with the licensed and experienced roofing specialists at Texas Roofing & Leak Repair for the best quality asphalt roof shingles and a range of cost effective and practical roofing solutions.

Certified Roof Inspection
Although asphalt roofing system can last anywhere from 10 to 20 years, regular roof inspection is required to avoid more expensive repairs and premature roof replacement. Contact Texas Roofing & Leak Repair when asphalt shingles begin to show signs of curling and buckling and if you spot loose or visible nails or broken or missing shingles.
Asphalt Shingle Roof Repair
Our qualified team provides advanced technology asphalt composition shingles and qualified maintenance and repair of cracks, leaks and any other damaged components of a commercial or residential asphalt roof. Benefit from a timely and certified Texas Roofing & Leak Repair roof inspection that includes expert recommendations and accurate price estimates for cost effective re-roofing or complete roof replacement.
Asphalt Shingle Installation
Proven roofing systems with a long history that goes back centuries, today’s asphalt shingles provide even more exceptional durability and long lasting performance than ever before. Easy to install and maintain Texas Roofing & Leak Repair installs three tab high quality shingles that are both cost effective and visually appealing. Choose from asphalt composition shingles that are available in a range of textures, shapes, sizes and colors that can be harmonized with the existing features of your property and surrounding landscape.

Texas Roofing & Leak Repair roofing specialists begin with skilled and accurate measurements of your home or commercial property and are fully equipped with the right tools and expertise to complete shingle roof installations for any sized property large or small.

Existing roofing material is removed and properly disposed of in an organized manner while licensed and insured Texas Roofing & Leak Repair roofing experts inspect the roof deck for any damage. A waterproof membrane is installed over the roof deck followed by additional components that include quality metal flashing, underlayment and drip edge protection. Texas Roofing & Leak Repair adheres to the highest industry standards that include work practices and planning that take every necessary precaution against potential roof problems later in such as expansion and contraction, protection of roof sheathing, extreme weather fluctuations and more.

Why Choose Asphalt Shingles
Carried out with the latest in advanced roofing technology products and dedicated expertise , Texas Roofing & Leak Repair asphalt shingle roofing installations provide superior wind resistance and all round weather protection from UV rays with a roofing system that cools down your property during summer months and locks heat in during cooler seasons. Affordable and exceptionally durable, our best quality asphalt roof shingles are supplied by leading manufacturers and are completely customized to the specifics of the roof at your home or business. Specifically designed to resist mold and mildew, the latest shingle materials are specially treated to provide Class A fire protection. Our roofing specialists provide products and services designed for maximum security and value.

Contact a licensed Texas Roofing & Leak Repair roofing specialists to learn more about the latest shingle roof systems and to schedule a free roofing estimate at your home or commercial location.

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Whether you need a new shingle roof or just maintenance for the existing one, our contractors are ready to get to work for you as soon as you give us a call.

Slate Roofing in Houston and Katy

Do you require an experienced slate roofing specialist for slate roof repairs or a new slate roof installation? Texas Roofing & Leak Repair roofers provide proven skill and expertise for the replacement of slate roof tiles or slate shingles in addition to certified slate roof restoration. Whether you require slate roof maintenance for your residential property, a government building, historical institution, or a place of worship, consult with our licensed and insured team of roofing professionals for qualified advice and a range of cost effective slate roofing solutions.

A Complete Line Of Slate Roofing Services
With extensive slate roofing experience Texas Roofing & Leak Repair carries out each slate roofing project with careful attention to detail and according to the highest industry standards. Our team of committed roofing craftsmen work closely with homeowners and commercial property owners to provide customized slate roofing services that include:
Slate Roof Repairs
The Texas Roofing & Leak Repair roofing team has restored slate roof tile and slate shingles that have lasted for a century or more in addition to correcting repair mistakes made by inexperienced roofing contractors. We are qualified slate roofing professionals equipped and qualified to match new tiles to existing ones, repair slate shingles, copper flashings and any other component on your residential or institutional slate roof system.
Slate Installation
The Texas Roofing & Leak Repair team of experts handles every detail of slate roof installation from the initial consultation that includes helpful recommendation and accurate price estimates; the development of expert design concepts and project specifications, to the efficient preparation of the actual work site and carefully organized installation. Our skilled craftsmen provide the best combination of roofing expertise and premium quality products along with advanced equipment from reputable quarry suppliers.
Slate Roof Inspections
Texas Roofing & Leak Repair provides licensed roof inspections for residential slate roof systems or commercial property owners including real estate agents or home buyers looking to purchase property with slate roofing. Texas Roofing & Leak Repair offers a knowledgeable approach to slate roof inspection and never walks on potentially fragile slate tiles or shingles. Our insured and certified roofers diagnose roof problems using a combination of common sense, acquired expertise and dedicated professionalism.
Slate Roof Cleaning
Our roof cleaning technicians use a step by step process to clean your slate roof system that begins with wetting down the roof carefully, section by section and applying a mild but effective application of mold and moss elimination agents that is thoroughly rinsed with a low pressure hand sprayer. In addition, gutters and downspouts on slate roofing system must be cleaned out regularly to costly repairs which can be avoided with regular cleaning and maintenance.
Slate Roof Maintenance
Many expensive slate roof repairs can be avoided with regular maintenance Texas Roofing & Leak Repair offers preventative roof maintenance programs that includes prompt replacement of missing tiles, tightening of all loose slates, crack and ridge sealing and tar and fabric repair in the chimney base.
Texas Roofing & Leak Repair is a reliable roofing contractor specializing in slate roof systems and qualified to handle any slate roofing installation or repair issue. Contact our friendly and capable team for a free estimate and for answers to any roofing questions you may have.
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There is no shortage of benefits when dealing with slate roofs, which is why they have remained popular for centuries. The key to getting the most out of this durable, beautiful roofing material is having experienced roofers working for you. Call Texas Roofing & Leak Repair today to get the best local, commercial roofers working on your slate roof.

Tile Roofing In Houston and Katy

As a reputable local roofing company, Texas Roofing & Leak Repair offers tile roof systems that are completely customized for either commercial or residential properties. As an attractive and practical alternative to more standard roofing applications, our licensed roofing specialists are skilled and experienced with adapting the latest tile roof designs with certified installation techniques and qualified tile roof repair.

Explore a Range of Tile Roof Options
Available in a range of limitless design options, today’s tile roofing options offer exceptional durability and energy efficiency that adapts to both cold and warm climates. In addition, Texas Roofing & Leak Repair roof technicians offer advanced roofing technology that translates to superior protection from water infiltration and ice damage. With an advanced interlocking system that can be tailored to any roof surface, clients may choose from elegant and durable tile roof shingles available in a variety of colors, designs, shapes and sizes for impressive architectural stylishness that is unmatched by other roofing options.

Consult with Texas Roofing & Leak Repair roofing experts for knowledgeable recommendations for choosing the tile roofing system most suitable to your property which include:

  • Mission roof tile
  • Shake roof tile
  • Slate roof tile
  • Shingle roof tile
  • Concrete roof tile
  • Asphalt composition tile
  • Terracotta roof tile
  • Spanish tile
  • Mediterranean roof tile
  • Flat interlocking
Tile Roof System installation
An increasingly popular roofing choice for many property owners, it should be noted that tile roofing is heavier than standard roofing installations. Licensed and insured Texas Roofing & Leak Repair roofing specialists provide professional assessments to determine if your home or commercial building is structurally suited to support a tile roof installation. Proper installation of a tile roof system involves more than just the application of basic roofing techniques and requires the skilled expertise and specialized equipment of qualified and experienced roofing professional.
Proven Energy Efficiency
Texas Roofing & Leak Repair understands that cost and energy efficiency are important factors when choosing a roof system. Concrete tile roofing in particular, allows for natural air flow beneath roof tiles that can help reduce heating and cooling costs and keep your property cooler in summer and warm during winter months. Studies have shown that tile roof systems prevent heat loss by up to 70% in comparison to other roofing options.
More Tile Roof System benefits
One of the most long lasting and durable roof installations available to both home and business owners today, tile roofing will not only increase the beauty and value of your property but is eco ecologically efficient and is not manufactured with any chemical preservatives or environmentally harmful toxins. In use for centuries, clay tile roofing in particular, does not decay in humid climates and is highly impact and damage resistant even under extreme temperature fluctuations. In addition, due to its superior resistance to hail and fire damage, tile roofing may allow property owners to benefit from a reduction in insurance premiums due to its durability and protective features that even include resistance to seismic activity!
Contact Texas Roofing & Leak Repair to learn more and schedule a free tile roof estimate today.
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If you want to equip your local commercial building with a new roof that will help your property be more energy efficient and have a high upside, contact Texas Roofing & Leak Repair today to arrange for our commercial tile roofing services.

Sheet Metal Roofing In Houston and Katy

Sheet Metal Roofing

If you are looking for a low maintenance, energy efficient roof, Texas Roofing & Leak Repair and Leak Repair offers sheet metal roofing that will enhance the curb appeal of your home while providing a permanent solution for your potentially leaky roof. When properly installed, our cool metal roofs can provide an immediate return on investment by reducing energy consumption and ultimately extending the life of your home’s roof.

Our experienced team at Texas Roofing & Leak Repair and Leak Repair can walk you through the types of metal roofing that will best suit your needs.
Our sheet metal roofing installation process consists of large panels that can be completed quickly by our accomplished roofing contractors which can be a critical advantage in a storm damage situation.

The lightweight, fire-resistant metal roof materials provide added security and significantly reduce leak potential due to the interlocking panels that allow water to slide off it’s slippery surface. A common type of residential metal roofing is standing-seam roofing which is applied vertically and favored for it’s clean, contemporary appearance.

Sheet metal roofing is the most economical form of metal roofing and the experts at Texas Roofing & Leak Repair and Leak Repair can help you decide if it’s the right roof for you.
Though metal roofing costs are initially higher than other roofing materials, your metal roof investment will save you time and money in the long run. Benefits of a sheet metal roof include: increased lifespan, long-term durability, resistance to harsh weather, and heat conduction. Houses with metal roofs offer a modern twist to the traditional look with clean lines and aesthetically pleasing finishes. Though commonly thought to be a noiser option as opposed to other materials, there is little distinction between metal and asphalt roofs due to the attic insulation which absorbs most of the sound.

If metal roofing prices are keeping you from installing a sustainable, eco-friendly roof on your home, let the qualified individuals at Texas Roofing & Leak Repair and Leak Repair assuage your concerns and answer any questions that may arise so that you will feel comfortable with your roofing solution.


What are the different roof types?
The most common type of roof is the pitched roof, composed of two sloped surfaces in the middle. Pitched roofs are most commonly seen on houses, but they can also be found on commercial and industrial buildings. Another type of roof is the flat roof, which is exactly what it sounds like: a single-level surface. Flat roofs are more common in commercial and industrial settings but can also be found on some houses. Finally, the Mansard roof has two sloped surfaces that come to a point at the top. The Mansard roof is less common than the other two types, but it can add a unique touch to any building.
What are the main types of residential roofing?
The most common types of residential roofing are asphalt shingles, wood shingles, and metal roofs. Asphalt shingles are the most popular choice for home roofs, as they are relatively inexpensive and easy to install. Wood shingles are more expensive than asphalt, but they offer a more traditional look and can be easier to repair. Metal roofs are the most durable option but also the most costly.

When choosing a roofing material, it is essential to consider the area’s climate, as some materials are better suited for certain weather conditions. For example, metal roofs are an excellent choice for areas with high winds, as they can withstand strong gusts without damage. Ultimately, the best roofing material for a home depends on the homeowner’s budget and preferences.

What are the different kinds of commercial roofs?
Commercial roofs come in various shapes, sizes, and materials to suit the needs of different businesses. The most common type of commercial roof is the flat roof. Another type of commercial roof is the pitched roof. Metal roofs are also becoming increasingly popular for commercial buildings.
What type of roof is cheapest?
The cheapest type of roof is a flat roof. A flat roof is a roof that is almost level in contrast to the many types of sloped roofs. The materials used for a flat roof are much cheaper than those used for a sloped roof. Also, installing a flat roof is easier and faster than installing a sloped roof. Though a flat roof costs less initially, it does not last as long as a sloped roof and does not provide as much protection from the elements. For these reasons, a flat roof is typically only used for commercial or industrial buildings.
What is the strongest style roof?
Regarding roofs, there are many factors to consider in terms of function and aesthetics. However, when it comes to strength, there is one clear winner: the metal roof. Metal roofs are highly durable and can withstand high winds and heavy snowfall. They are also fire-resistant, which makes them an ideal choice for homes in fire-prone areas. In terms of maintenance, metal roofs are low-maintenance and long-lasting, often lasting for decades with little need for repairs. For all these reasons, metal roofs are the clear choice for those looking for the most robust and durable roofing option.
What is the most common roof type?
The most common roof type is a pitched roof or a sloped roof. Pitched roofs are easily recognizable by their steep angle, which allows them to shed rain, snow, and ice more effectively than a flat roof. Pitched roofs are typically made of asphalt shingles, wood shakes, or metal panels.
What is the latest roofing material?
While there are many options on the market today, the latest roofing material is metal. Metal roofs are highly durable and can last for decades with proper care and maintenance. In addition, metal roofs are fire-resistant and wind-resistant, making them an excellent choice for any home. If you are considering a new roof for your home, be sure to ask your contractor about metal roofs.